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pikzelz is a young dynamic company specialized in create mobile applications.

pikzelz' main focus is the (electronic) dance music industry, by providing them with full featured applications for events (like festivals or big indoor parties), artists & albums, (almost) anything can be realized.

On the right you'll find the apps pikzelz has developed so far. Keep watching this page because we're expanding fast.

To get all the data in the applications we've also created a CMS to make sure the app always has the right content!

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Websites & web applications

Next to the development of mobile applications we're also developing websites using the latest methods & techniques like HTML5, Javascript & CSS3.

We're using a custom build CMS system to give the user the ability to edit the content of his own website on an easy and quick way.

On the right you'll find the websites & applications we've created so far.


We've worked for a various amount of clients, a list of the clients will be on the right.

We're expanding quickly, keep checking back once in a while